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Children in UK immigration detention

The new report by The Children’s Society,  ‘What Have I Done? The experiences of children and families in UK immigration detention’, examines the experiences of 32 families detained prior to the coalition’s pledge, in May 2010, to end the immigration detention of … Continue reading

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Public policy and irregular child migration

For a more in-depth discussion of the issues raised in the video interview, see: – Irregular migrant children and public policy – Policy primer published by The Migration Observatory – Being children and undocumented: background paper, COMPAS WP n.78

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PICUM: Preventing undocumented women and children from accesing health care

via @migrants_rights A report of the European Parliament hearing entitled “Preventing undocumented Women and Children from Accesing health Care: fostering health inequalities in Europe” has been posted on the PICUM website, detailing the hearing and the presentations of the speakers as … Continue reading

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Irregular migrant children and public policy

Published in The Migration Observatory, Nando Sigona‘s policy primer (pdf),  looks at the tensions between child protection laws and immigration and asylum laws in the UK and the broader international context and examines the implications for both policy-making and for undocumented children.

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Deporting a child citizen – the story of the Ruizes

The deportation of child citizens born to irregular parents raises important ethical and legal issues. In the US, where US born children gain the citizenship by birth, this is a highly controversial issue that involve potentially hundred of thousands of minors. On … Continue reading

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Will the government succeed in rebranding child detention?

In response to the recent decision of the children’s charity Barnardo’s to collaborate with government in the new immigration centres for children and families awaiting deportation, Sir Al Aynsley-Green, former Children’s Commissioner, has urged in a commentary piece on Open Democracy … Continue reading

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Detention repackaged

Listen to Prof Heaven Crawley debating on the alternative to child detentetion and the involvement of Bernardo’s in running welfare services at a new detention centre on BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

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‘Is this the UK?’

Qinqin Liu arrived in the UK nine years ago. She has three kids, two of them were born in the UK, the third one lives in China with her granparents. In the interview with our fieldworker, Tom Lam, Qinqin Liu … Continue reading

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Sleeping on the floor

Marcela came to the UK in her twenties to forget a difficult marriage. Initially she had a short-term tourist visa, she then went back to Brazil and applied successfully for a student visa. After 4 years as a student, her … Continue reading

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Untold stories

 Untold Stories is part of a new campaign, Books Not Bullets, to highlight the plight of child soldiers. Books Not Bullets is the brainchild of a group of Kirklees teenagers after they heard firsthand Diey’s tales of genocide survivors. It is … Continue reading

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