• The project
  • The research team
  • The partner organisations
  • The advisory board

The blog is an informal space for discussion where we will post quick updates and initial thoughts on the research in progress, store some useful material we come across during fieldwork and share extracts from the stories of migrant children and their families we will collect in the next few months.

The project

Many EU countries are experiencing record levels of unauthorized migration. A significant proportion of these migrants are children — that is, persons under the age of 18. While there is broad recognition of the importance of protecting children in mainstream public policy, governments face the challenge of how to comply with their international obligation and address the protection needs of this specifi c group of children.

This project aims to advance knowledge on the experiences and everyday lives of migrant children in the United Kingdom, to cast light on the challenges facing the communities in which they reside and to explore services and resources available to them in particular in relation to health, education and employment.

This project, funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, is part of a comparative project on migrant children in the United States and the United Kingdom carried out in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University, Washington DC, and Harvard University’s Committee on Human Rights Studies.

The research team

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Dr Nando Sigona, senior researcher and principal investigator

Vanessa Hughes, research assistant

Dr Ana Souza, fieldworker (Brazilian community)

Tom Lam, fieldworker (Chinese community)

Ayodeji Audu, fieldworker (Nigerian community)

Clotilde Giner, fieldworker (Jamaican community)

Inayat Pashtoonmal, fieldworker (Afghani community)

Janroj Keles, fieldworker (Kurdish community)

The partner organisations

  • ASIRT (Asylum Support and Immigration Resource Team) – Birmingham
  • Casa do Brasil – London
  • CIAC (Chinese Information and Advice Centre) – London
  • FPWP Hibiscus: Supporting female offenders  in prison and their families of all ethnic origins
  • Maheen Project: Supporting young refugees – London

The advisory board

  • Dr. Bridget Anderson, COMPAS, University of Oxford
  • Prof. Alice Bloch, City University, London
  • Juan Camilo Cock, Migrants’ Rights Network
  • Dr. Myriam Cherti, IPPR
  • Prof. Heaven Crawley, Swansea University
  • Carla Garnelas, Children’s Rights Alliance for England
  • Dr. Ben Gidley, COMPAS, University of Oxford
  • Dr. Patricia Hynes, NSPCC
  • Bethan Lant, Praxis
  • Dave Newall, West Midlands Strategic Partnership for Asylum and Refugee Support
  • Prof. Julia O’Connell Davidson, Nottingham University
  • Ilona Pinter, The Children’s Society
  • Ayesha Saran, Barrow Cadbury Trust
  • Sarah Spencer, COMPAS, University of Oxford
  • Susan Wright, Doctors of the World, UK