How the UK immigration apparatus killed a 84-year-old Canadian citizen

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He died in handcuffs while detained at a UK privately-run and publicly-funded  detention centre – an 84-year-old Canadian with Alzheimer’s. But who was the man behind the tragedy? Why a simple question like this never get answered? Why do we accept that immigrants are only talked about as numbers – who many are detained, who many are deported, who many ‘net migrants’ exist this quarter, who much they contribute or not to the economy, who much they (or we) cost to the UK welfare system.

Here you have an old engineer originally from Slovenia, who fought the Nazi occupation in Yugoslavia and moved to Canada after the war, an old widower who was travelling back to Slovenia to meet old relatives and, unfortunately for him, had to change plane at Gatwick, UK. He never made to Slovenia, Alois Dvorzac died at Harmondsworth immigration detention centre, and was not even…

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