Public policy and irregular child migration

For a more in-depth discussion of the issues raised in the video interview, see:

Irregular migrant children and public policy – Policy primer published by The Migration Observatory

Being children and undocumented: background paper, COMPAS WP n.78

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One Response to Public policy and irregular child migration

  1. naser says:

    i cam to UK in 2004 on spouse visa. and like many people my marriage didn’t work. i then overstayed for different reasons. i fell in love with a girl who was here on visit visa but her family didn’t approve of our relationship. we couldn’t go back for fear of our lives and so we thought its safe for us to continue living here. now we have 2 children both born here aged 4 and 2. we applied asylum, but it was refused as they didn’t believe we could be in danger if we go back. i admit me and my partner have broken the law of UK by overstaying earlier. however, i feel sad for my children as they have not committed any offences, their only mistake is that they are children of parents like us.

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