Anwar, a happy boy

Anwar is almost 18. He left Afghnistan at 14. The journey to Birmingham took 18 months. Eventually a lorry left him somewhere in Birmingham. In the jungle of Callais fellow Afghnans who had been deported back to Afghnistan from UKBA advised him not to apply for asylum in the UK. ‘They don’t care if you are a child’, they told him. Two years after his arrival Anwar is still in Birmingham. He did not apply for asylum. Working for 12 hours a day for £20 is safer than being sent back to Afghanistan. He is happy in Birmingham, even though the fear of deportation never leaves him alone. In his words:

I was very excited when I arrived in the UK. When I told my family they gave out sweets to people there, that’s how happy they were. I was very happy and I am still very happy. The only problem is that I don’t have documents. I can be deported any time I am living in fear at the moment.

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